Ivan Chai & Wild Strawberry Tea

Ivan Chai & Wild Strawberry Tea


Nothing says summer’s coming like the sweet, gentle flavour of strawberry. Long, sunny days…beautiful, warm evenings…and the whole world full of life. Recapture that feeling at any time of year with this delicate and fruity blend that beautifully complements the natural calming effects of Ivan Chai.

Full of Vitamin C to help your skin and immune system, strawberries are also jam-packed with a whole variety of beneficial natural compounds and minerals that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. They’re full of anti-oxidants that help to combat the harmful free-radicals in our bodies that can lead to a number of ill effects, as well as gentle, natural acids that can reduce cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.


    Ivan Chai is a delicious tea that can be drunk at any time of the day, and is a wonderful alternative to regular green or black teas. It is entirely free of caffeine, uric acid, oxalates and other harmful stimulants. Made from the beautiful willowherb, it has extensive health benefits that include boosting your immune system, improving circulation, combating stress and cleansing the body of toxins.

    Our Ivan Chai is uniquely sourced using traditional methods that are both ethical and sustainable.  


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