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One of my most enduring childhood memories is the incredible smells of the drying herbs and teas that my mother hung around the house, and the wonderful infusions she made them into. She had learnt the names of all these plants, and their health benefits, from her own grandmother, an inspiring woman who had inherited the herbal wisdom of countless generations of those living in the ancient woods of Latvia. My mother used to love spending her summers there, and by the age of 6, was already familiar with a number of different remedies that could be made from what she found on those long days wandering in the forest with her grandmother. Thyme and raspberry for treating coughs, juniper for soothing children, and valerian for aiding sleep, to them the forest was a rich and beautiful place.

Once, my mother was so busy looking at what was growing beneath her feet, that she lost her way and barely made it home before nightfall when wolves came out to hunt, but this only deepened her love for what she had learnt there. This passion is our family tradition, and my mother and I have kept my great grandmother’s recipes, and have been making special teas that can help with any number of conditions ever since.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until you get ill until you can drink these teas! They can be a healthy and delicious drink at any time and can work wonders for your holistic health. It is this knowledge and passion that I am now bringing to you, and I hope you will share in this wonderful tradition, and all the joy it has brought to me and my family.

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Violeta Orlauskaite

Founder – Tea Forest


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