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Discover the secrets of the ancient woodlands

What is Ivan Chai?

Ivan Chai is a fermented black tea, or tisane, with a pleasant aroma and rich, nuanced flavour that will delight even the most sophisticated of tea drinkers. It is made from the Willowherb, a beautiful flowering plant found throughout the great northern forests that stretch from Scandinavia to Siberia, and from Alaska to California. It has been used by herbalists for thousands of years for its calming, healing properties and rich mineral and vitamin content. It is entirely free of the caffeine, uric acid and oxalates that are so prevalent in black and green teas, and is a delicious and healthy alternative to imported, processed blends.  

Willowherb is also known as Fireweed, as it is often found blooming where fire or other trauma has affected the woodland, lending its powerful life force to the regrowth of the forest. This is reflected in the tea’s potent restorative qualities, as well as its ability to cleanse and soothe the body. Ivan Chai is also renowned for its ability to fortify the immune system, improve your mood, lower blood pressure, strengthen circulation and improve your mood.

How to make Ivan Chai

Making an infusion of Ivan Chai couldn’t be easier. There are no secret methods, no mystical techniques – all of the magic is already there, right in the tea!

Simply place 1 or 2 teaspoons of the tea in a teapot or strainer and pour boiling water over it. Cover and allow the tea to steep for 15 minutes. Strain out the leaves before serving pure, or with added honey or sugar, according to your tastes.

Ivan Chai can be enjoyed hot or cold, in varying strength, or blended with dried fruits. Why not try out a number of different ways to find the one that works best for you?


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