Tea Forest

Discover the secrets of the ancient woodlands

Bringing only the finest herbal teas to your table, Tea Forest is a specialist supplier of Ivan Chai – a delicious and invigorating tea made from the Willowherb, a remarkable plant gathered deep in the heart of the forest using traditional methods, and famed for its health benefits and restorative qualities.
Ivan Chai is naturally caffeine and additive free, and available in its purest form, or in a number of enchanting blends.


Who We Are

Tea Forest is a UK based company dedicated to bringing you the finest in herbal infusions and Chinese teas. Our Ivan Chai is drawn entirely from our own unique supply in the ancient woodlands of Eastern Europe, naturally and ethically sourced using traditional methods passed down through several generations.

We guarantee the highest possible quality, at affordable prices, delivered directly to your home or workplace.  


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